From Culture to Text to Interactive Visualization ofWine Reviews

  • Andreas KerrenEmail author
  • Mimi Kyusakova
  • Carita Paradis


On the basis of a large corpus of wine reviews, this chapter proposes a range of interactive visualization techniques that are useful for linguistic exploration and analysis of lexical, grammatical and discursive patterns in text. Our visualization tool allows linguists and others to make comparisons of visual, olfactory, gustatory and textual properties of different wines for example from different countries, from different grape varieties, or from different vintages. It also supports the visual exploration of sensory descriptions as well as confirmatory investigations of text and discourse. Besides a more technical discussion of our visualization approach, we also provide a more general overview of text and corpus visualizations and highlight linguistic challenges that we had to address during the development phase.


Visualization Technique Word Class Interactive Visualization Olfactory Perception Visualization Approach 
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We are very grateful to Robert Parker for making his wine reviews database available to us.


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