Colorscore: Visualization and Condensation of Structure of Classical Music

  • Aki Hayashi
  • Takayuki ItohEmail author
  • Masaki Matsubara


It is not always easy to quickly understand musical structure of orchestral scores for classical music works, because these works contain many staves of instruments. This chapter presents Colorscore, a technique for visualization and condensation of musical scores. Colorscore supports two requirements for composers, arrangers, and players: overview and arrangement. Colorscore divides each track of the score into note-blocks and determines their roles. Colorscore then displays all the note-blocks in one display space to provide the overview, so that novice people can quickly understand the musical structures. In addition, Colorscore supports vertical condensation which reduces the number of displayed tracks and horizontal condensation which saves the display space. It is especially useful as hints to rearrange music for smaller bands.


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