Robust Performance Analysis of Discrete-Time Periodic Systems

  • Yoshio EbiharaEmail author
  • Dimitri Peaucelle
  • Denis Arzelier
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Chapter  7 is dedicated to the analysis of discrete-time periodic systems by means of SV-LMIs. For that special case the SV-LMIs have interesting non-causal system interpretations. Similarly to the LTI case, SV-LMIs are effective for reducing the conservatism of the analysis results when dealing with discrete-time periodic systems affected by polytopic uncertainties.


Discrete-time Periodic Systems Robust Stability Analysis Polytopic Uncertainties Schur Stability Conservative Reduction 
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  • Dimitri Peaucelle
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  • Denis Arzelier
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  2. 2.Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems ScienceNational Centre for Scientific ResearchToulouseFrance

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