The Effect of Pretreatments on Surfactin Production from Potato Process Effluent by Bacillus subtilis

  • David N. ThompsonEmail author
  • Sandra L. Fox
  • Gregory A. Bala
Part of the ABAB Symposium book series (ABAB)


Pretreatments of low-solids potato process effluent were tested for their potential to increase surfactin yield. Pretreatments included heat, removal of starch particulates, and acid hydrolysis. Elimination of contaminating vegetative cells was necessary for surfactin production. After autoclaving, 0.40 g/L of surfactin was produced from the effluent in 72 h, vs 0.24 g/L in the purified potato starch control. However, surfactin yields per carbon consumed were 76% lower from process effluent. Removal of starch particulates had little effect on the culture. Acid hydrolysis decreased growth and surfactant production, except 0.5 wt% acid, which increased the yield by 25% over untreated effluent.

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  • David N. Thompson
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    Email author
  • Sandra L. Fox
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  • Gregory A. Bala
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  1. 1.Biotechnology DepartmentIdaho National Engineering and Environmental LaboratoryIdaho FallsUSA

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