A Program of Exercise

  • Jerrold Winter


Is it necessary to see your doctor before beginning an exercise program? For many years if you asked that question of the medical establishment, you would get the expected answer: Yes. A statement by the American Medical Association in 1958 is typical. “All persons should be shown by medical examination to be organically sound before performing training routines (and these examinations) should be repeated periodically.” This is an easy and safe bit of advice to give. Despite solid evidence of unnecessary surgery, excessive X-rays, unneeded diagnostic tests, and other indications of meddling by modern medicine, many of us accept the notion that the more often we see a doctor, the healthier we will be. However, it is also advice that is easy to ignore. How many of us are willing to devote several hours and to part with anywhere from ten to a few hundred dollars consulting with a physician before we put on our walking shoes or mount a bicycle? I don’t think it’s bad advice to see a doctor before beginning to exercise; it’s just that for most of us it is advice that is out of touch with reality.


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