Statistical Control of Cement Process

  • Yoshitaka Yagihara
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One of the most important processes in a cement plant is a kiln process. The kiln process is a multiple input and output system having many internal noise sources and internal feedback loops, and the process is, viewing from the physical characteristics, a distributed parameter system which has an extension of the behavior over space and time. Its model is given by the partial differential equations concerning the gas temperature T G and solid temperature T M derived from the heat balance and material balance in the kiln. At the initial stage of the development (1962) when the first computer for process control was installed to Kumagaya Plant of Chichibu Cement Co. Ltd., this mathematical model was used for control. However the mathematical model was in reality not satisfactory enough to be used as the model for stabilizing control because of the fact that none of noise sources existing in the actual process were considered.


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