Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Markers

  • Markku Seppälä
Part of the Contemporary Biomedicine book series (CB, volume 2)


Laboratory tests have long been an integral part of the diagnosis and management of gynecological cancer. Cytology permits easy detection of premalignant and early malignant lesions of the cervix, and as a result new cases are now diagnosed earlier and can be more successfully managed. Research on biochemical tumor markers is directed to the same goal. The classic example is choriocarcinoma, which can be diagnosed and monitored by measurement of chorionic gonadotropin. But many gynecologic tumors are still fatal. Thus, ovarian cancer has defied all attempts at early diagnosis, and treatment of advanced cases remains unsatisfactory.


Ovarian Cancer Germ Cell Tumor Gynecologic Cancer Elevated Serum Level Endometrial Adenocarcinoma 
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