Pancreatic Tumor Markers

  • John R. Hobbs
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Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas has shown a real increase in recent years, accounting for 4.5% of all deaths certified as owing to malignancy, and has always created serious problems for clinicians, because current 5–10 year survivals following attempts at curative therapy are abysmally low at 1–5% (Silverberg, 1977). Careful postmortem examination in a Norwegian series showed that, although 3% of the deaths certified as resulting from cancer were correctly indicated to be of pancreatic origin, a further 2% needed to be added after postmortem examination, producing a true figure of 5% from autopsy studies (Hartveit, 1979). Cancer of the pancreas is thus now among the fourth or fifth commonest of killing cancers. This increase is probably the result of smoking (Krain, 1970).


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