Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties of End-Member Minerals from Natural Parageneses

  • L. L. Perchuk
  • K. K. Podlesskii
  • L. Ya. Aranovich
Part of the Advances in Physical Geochemistry book series (PHYSICAL GEOCHE, volume 1)


Progress in mineral calorimetry and in the methods of calculation of the properties of rock-forming minerals by thermodynamic treatment of the experimental data on mineral equilibria is evident in a number of recent tabulations of standard thermodynamic data (Karpov et al., 1976, 1977; Robie and Waldbaum, 1968; Robie et al., 1978; Helgeson et al., 1978; etc.). A considerable body of data on the thermodynamic properties of solid solutions has also been obtained from experimental and theoretical studies (Perchuk and Andrianova, 1968; Perchuk, 1968, 1977; Wood, 1974, 1977; Cressey et al., 1978; Saxena, 1973).


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  • K. K. Podlesskii
  • L. Ya. Aranovich

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