Effects of pesticides on plant nutrition

  • R. J. Hance
Conference paper
Part of the Residue Reviews book series (RECT, volume 78)


Since herbicides are used because they affect plant growth directly and many other pesticides are systemic in the plant, we might expect that such materials could in some cases change the performance of the crop and hence its nutrition. Our knowledge at the moment does not extend much beyond simple observations of changes in nutrient uptake that seem to have been brought about by the presence of a pesticide. Hence it is not often possible to decide whether they are the result of more or less efficient uptake and utilization or whether they indicate changes in requirement. An added complication is that the use of herbicides in particular has led to the introduction of systems, such as minimum tillage, which may change the root distribution of a crop and hence its fertilizer requirements. The interpretation of many of these changes thus requires more evidence than is currently available.


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