Minimizing occupational exposure to pesticides: Populations at exposure risk

  • Wendell W. Kilgore
  • Norman B. Akesson
Conference paper
Part of the Residue Reviews book series (RECT, volume 75)


Synthetic organic pesticides when used properly are of tremendous benefit to man and his environment, but when misused or used carelessly, they may cause considerable harm. There is little doubt, however, that pesticides have played, and most likely will continue to play, an important role in the production of food as the world’s supply of raw agricultural products continues to decline in proportion to the increase in population. The use of pesticides in agriculture has increased the cost/benefit ratio for the farmer, and has ultimately reduced the cost of food and fiber products for the consumer. Nevertheless, information about the health of workers occupationally exposed to pesticide residues is still limited even though we have used large quantities of pesticides during the past four decades.


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  • Wendell W. Kilgore
    • 1
  • Norman B. Akesson
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Environmental ToxicologyUniversity of CaliforniaDavisUSA
  2. 2.Department of Agricultural EngineeringUniversity of CaliforniaDavisUSA

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