The Use of Amiloride Analogs to Probe Adaptations of the Proximal Tubuiar Na+/H+ Antiporter in Response to a Reduction in Renal Mass

  • L. G. Fine
  • E. P. Nord
Part of the Developments in Nephrology book series (DINE, volume 18)


One of the earliest manifestations of an acute reduction in renal mass is an elevation of the glomerular filtration rates of the remaining nephrons. Within 24 hrs of removing one kidney fluid reabsorption is increased in the proximal tubule, providing an effective mechanism for reclaiming the bulk of the increased filtered load of solutes and water. Since this enhanced tubular reabsorption can be demonstrated in vitro, it follows that the adaptation is intrinsic to the tubular epithelial cell and is not dependent upon extratubular factors (1).


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  • L. G. Fine
    • 1
  • E. P. Nord
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, Center for the Health SciencesUCLA School of MedicineLos AngelesUSA

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