Hemodialysis for the Uremic Diabetic

  • Kathleen Y. Whitley
  • Fred L. Shapiro
Part of the Developments in Nephrology book series (DINE, volume 9)


It has been estimated that approximately 3,200 patients with diabetes mellitus will develop end-stage renal disease per year in the United States. The uremic diabetic must utilize at least one of several modalities of renal replacement therapy in order to survive. These options include hemodialysis, intermittent automated peritoneal dialysis, chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, and renal transplantation from a living related or cadaver donor. A randomized, prospective trial comparing the efficacy of these treatments for the diabetic in renal failure is not feasible. Therefore, the selection of one of these therapies for each individual patient must be made by matching the specific needs of the patient to available clinical data demonstrating the advantages and indications for each of the different end-stage renal replacement therapies.


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