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The chapter on real estate education in Ireland encompasses both political jurisdictions within the island of Ireland namely the Republic of Ireland, which is a sovereign state, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. In terms of historical development the education and training of property professionals in Ireland has undergone major changes over the past two decades. Traditionally the model for educating and training property professionals comprised two elements namely, on the job learning supplemented by part-time, evening study, either classroom based or by correspondence. Under this model assessment of the learning process was by external examinations organised by the professional bodies. Over time, the increasing volume and complexity of knowledge in every professional sector together with the provision of full-time college based education and training led to the development of externally moderated courses recognised by professional organisations. In addition the professional bodies developed a system of validation of professional competence of graduates through approved work-based experience. The lifelong educational experience is supplemented by programmes of certified continuous professional development in order to keep members informed of the changing work environment. Today, externally set moderated professional examinations for property professionals have virtually all been replaced bu full or part-time accredited college-based courses (Davis, 1999)


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