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Study of the Strength Distribution of the Primary γ-Rays in the Decay From Superdeformed States in194Hg

  • A. P. Lopez-Martens


One-step decay pathways between superdeformed (SD) and normally deformed (ND) states have been observed in194Hg and194Pb nuclei. In all the other studied cases of the mass 190 region, the intensities of the so called “one-step linking transitions” are too weak for any decay scheme to be firmly established. To understand the origin of such strong intensity fluctuations, the strength distribution of the primary γ rays in the decay from superdeformed states is investigated by applying the Maximum Likelihood Method. For the 194 Hg case, it is concluded that the observed primary transitions might consist of the strongest transitions selected stochastically from a Porter-Thomas distribution and that the presence of strong one-step links in194Hg represents a very lucky case.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. P. Lopez-Martens
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut de Recherches Subatomiques UMR7500StrasbourgFrance

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