161 Days of Full Competition — Some Observations from the German Market

  • Ernst-Olav Ruhle
Part of the Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy Series book series (TREP, volume 33)


In a number of countries in the European Union, January 1st 1998 was the magic date for the end of all monopolies in the telecommunications area. With the exception of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg and Greece, the EU members by then had to open up their markets for the provision of infrastructure and voice telephony. This paper puts a focus on the German market which has seen a vivid and dynamic development in preparation and also in the execution of competition. It looks at the development of competition, regulation and the market after the first year of full competition. It also tries to look into the future and discuss likely outcomes of the further competitive process.


Network Access Price Regulation Telecommunication Industry German Market Demand Analysis 
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