Optimality of Sequential Quality Control via Stochastic Orders

  • David D. Yao
  • Shaohui Zheng
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 19)


In recent years, stochastic orders in general and stochastic convexity in particular have been demonstrated as playing a central role in the optimal design and control of stochastic systems (refer to the wide-ranging applications presented in a recent monograph by Shaked and Shanthikumar [16]; also, refer to Shaked and Shanthikumar [15] and Shanthikumar and Yao [17], among many others). A somewhat less known but equally useful property, stochastic submodularity, and its many applications have been illustrated in Chang and Yao [4] and in Chang, Shanthikumar, and Yao [5].


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  • David D. Yao
  • Shaohui Zheng

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