Phosphoproteins as Proposed Modulators of Visual Function

  • D. B. Farber
  • R. N. Lolley
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 116)


The retina is a region of the central nervous system that is highly specialized for the reception of light and the transmission of encoded visual information to the brain. It develops embryonically from the primitive forebrain and, in the adult stage, it has a layered structure with a limited number of cellular classes. The outermost layer of cells, lying closest to the pigment epithelium, corresponds to the photoreceptor cells. The innermost layer, which is closest to the vitreous, is formed by the retinal ganglion cells; between the two layers, there is a discrete stratum of nuclei that belongs to the bipolar, horizontal, amacrine and the glial-like Müller cells.


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  • R. N. Lolley
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