Natural and Acquired Resistance to Trypanosoma Cruzi

  • Thomas M. Trischmann
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 162)


Since the identification in 1909 of Trypanosoma cruzi as the causative agent of Chagas’ disease, a large body of literature has arisen relating to the nature of the disease. Two observations in particular initially stimulated my interest in the immunology of Chagas’ disease. The first was that the severity of the disease that occurs following the initial infection with T. cruzi (called the acute stage of the disease) can range from asymptomatic to lethal (1). This variation in what can be termed natural resistance may be the result of multiple genetic and environmental factors, but it is easy to imagine how differences in the immune responses made by individuals could be critical for influencing the ensuing course of the disease.


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