Conductivity Control of Wide Gap II-VI Compounds

  • Hiroshi Kukimoto
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 200)


The rapidly expanding field of optoelectronics, has relied on the establishment of the epitaxial growth technology for III–V compounds and related alloys. In particular, the light emitting devices, LEDs and laser diodes, which have been developed to date are made of epitaxial layers of GaAs, GaP, InP, GaAsP, GaAlAs, InGaP, InGaAsP and InGaAlP, for which the defect densities are at low level and the n- and p-type conductivity control is easily achievable. These materials have the bandgap energies ranging from 0.8 eV to 2.4 eV, and are suited for the devices in optical fiber communication systems operating at 1.3–1.5 μm, in laser printing and readout at 0.78 μm, and in displays from red to green. For the light emitting devices operating at shorter wavelengths, e.g., blue LEDs required for full-color displays to be used together with already available green and red LEDs and short-wavelength laser diodes for high density memory and printing systems, one must rely on the wider-bandgap materials. Wide gap II–VI compounds, such as ZnSe, ZnS and ZnSSe, have long been expected as candidates for the purposes.


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