A Seven Year Laboratory and Clinical Experience with Lithium Carbonate as an Adjuvant to Cancer Chemotherapy

  • Glenn Tisman
  • Show Jen Grace Wu
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 127)


Early studies of lithium treated patients suggested that ingestion of this drug causes granulocytosis (Shopsin et al., 1971; Murphy et ah, 1971). Later, both in vitro granulocyte culture (Tisman et al., 1973) and in vivo granulocyte pool measurements (Stein et al., 1977; Rothstein et al., 1978) demonstrated that the lithium associated granulocytosis was most likely due to an increase in granulocyte production. Most cancer patients undergoing combination chemotherapy will eventually experience drug limiting, and in some, life-threatening leukopenia and it was postulated that lithium carbonate ingestion might help as an adjuvant in the treatment of patients receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy.


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