Changeable and Reconfigurable Assembly Systems

  • B. Lotter
  • H.-P. Wiendahl
Part of the Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing book series (SSAM)


Industrial assembly is subject to quick product changes, increasing numbers of variants and short planning spans of the customer. Because of the relatively high percentage of manual work the cost pressures from low wage countries is especially high. These challenges can be effectivelymet, however, through a comprehensive rationalization approach to the assembly, highly flexible assembly technology and qualified personnel. Depending on the product complexity, variant diversity and output rate there are a number of concepts available, which are situated between the competing demands of productivity and flexibility. This chapter describes the main features of manual, automated and hybrid assembly with a special attention to flexibility and reconfigurability.


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  • H.-P. Wiendahl
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  2. 2.Institute of Production Systems and Logistics (IFA)University of HannoverGarbsenGermany

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