Organisational Conflict

  • Roger C. Arditti
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This chapter looks in depth at the relationships between the Malayan Security Service, Security Intelligence Far East, and the Joint Intelligence Committee (Far East) in the period between April 1946 and June 1948. Britain’s new post-war intelligence apparatus in the Far East appeared conceptually sound but required time to “bed-in”—for remits to be defined, working practices established and personal relations forged. This, however, never happened. From the outset, Security Intelligence Far East and its masters in London clashed with Malayan Security Service. Neither the Governor General or Joint Intelligence Committee (Far East) were able to provide any moderating influence. As a result, on the eve of the declaration of Emergency in Malaya, Britain’s intelligence apparatus in the Far East was fractured and dysfunctional. The impact on forthcoming counterinsurgency campaign would be far-reaching.

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