Orofacial Pain

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Orofacial pain is the pain associated with the head, face, and neck originating from different structures in these areas. The most common chronic orofacial pain disorders are usually linked to poor management of recurrent acute and persistent dental and temporomandibular conditions. Other significant orofacial pain conditions include neuropathic pain such as trigeminal neuralgia and neurovascular pain disorders such as migraine headache. Orofacial pain is very common and associated with high healthcare cost, usually related to loss of work, disability compensation, and decreased productivity. The complex innervation of the head-neck region, unclear etiologies of orofacial pain, and overlapped symptoms from different orofacial pain conditions make diagnosis and treatment more challenging. Imaging studies help to identify organic causes of orofacial pain such as tumors and vascular malformation. Interdisciplinary therapy is a key to manage chronic orofacial pain syndromes.


Orofacial pain Facial pain Oral pain Trigeminal pain Trigeminal neuralgia Cluster headache Burning mouth syndrome Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia Hemicrania continua 


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