Symmetric Chaos

  • Martin Golubitsky
  • Ian Stewart
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 200)


In nonlinear dynamics without symmetry there is a hierarchy of increasingly complicated dynamic behavior: steady-state, equilibrium, periodic, quasiperiodic, chaotic. See Ruelle and Takens [456] and Broeret al.[79]. So far we have studied analogous behavior for steady, periodic, and quasiperiodic states of equivariant differential equations, asking the following questions:
  • What symmetry groups, in principle, might states have?

  • What are the general existence and stability theorems?

  • what this book tries not to do

  • What is the interpretation in physical space of the symmetric dynamics found in phase space?

We now ask similar questions for chaotic solutions of equivariant dynamical systems.


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