On the Spectral Radius of Multi-Matrix Functions

  • Daniel Hershkowitz
Conference paper
Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 134)


Several problems that deal with certain spectral properties of multi-matrix functions are discussed:
  1. (i)
    Denote by ρ(A)the spectral radius of a nonnegative square matrix A. Known characterizations of all multi-variable functions f : ℝ + m → ℝ+ such that the Hadamard function f(A 1, …, A m ) satisfies
    $$\rho \left( {f\left( {A_1 , \ldots ,A_m } \right)} \right) \leqslant f\left( {\rho \left( {A_1 } \right), \ldots ,\rho \left( {A_m } \right)} \right),\forall A_1 , \ldots ,A_m \in \mathbb{R}_ + ^{nn} ,\forall n \in \mathbb{N},$$
    $$\rho \left( {f\left( {A_1 , \ldots ,A_m } \right)} \right) \leqslant f\left( {\rho \left( {A_1 } \right), \ldots ,\rho \left( {A_m } \right)} \right),\forall A_1 , \ldots ,A_m \in \mathbb{R}_ + ^{nn} ,\forall n \in \mathbb{N},$$
    are reviewed. The study is then extended to the investigation of functions that satisfy the above conditions for just some n.
  2. (ii)

    For a nonnegative square matrix A denote by σ(A)the minimal real eigenvalue of its comparison matrix M(A) = 2diag(αii) – A. Denote by HP n the set of all n-by-n nonnegative H-matrices, i.e. the nonnegative matrices A for which σ(A)≥0. The relations between Hadamard functions that preserve HP n and functions that satisfy the conditions above are reviewed.

  3. (iii)

    Known results on the behavior of the spectral radius of products of certain one cycle matrices as a function of the lengths of the cycles are reviewed.



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  • Daniel Hershkowitz
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsTechnion — Israel Institute of TechnologyHaifaIsrael

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