Methods and Related Work

  • Rita EhrigEmail author
  • Frank Behrendt
  • Manfred Wörgetter
  • Christoph Strasser
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This chapter gives an overview of related research and outlines the methods applied in the present study. The study is analysing three real case biomass supply chains with an in-depth assessment of individual variables underlying actual market actions. Because of increasing biomass resources and recent dominance over pellet imports into the European market, the considered origin countries are Western Canada, Western Australia, and Northwest Russia. Studied supply phases include the raw material production and delivery, pellet production, transport to Europe, as well as delivery and conversion in a coal based co-firing power plant in the EU. The specific supply costs from origin country to the EU are derived from current market and country related data. For evaluating the pellets production and end-conversion in power plants, a full cost account is applied. For most vulnerable, market-related cost items the imputed risk is evaluated as effect of underlying price changes in a 3- to 10-year period. Corresponding de-risk strategies are concluded from expert interviews.


State of research Case study approach Cost account Risk evaluation 


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