Tailoring of Soft Magnetic Properties and High Frequency Giant Magnetoimpedance in Amorphous Ribbons

  • L. González-Legarreta
  • V. M. Prida
  • A. Talaat
  • M. Ipatov
  • V. Zhukova
  • Arcady Zhukov
  • LI. Escoda
  • J. J. Suñol
  • J. González
  • B. HernandoEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 252)


Soft ferromagnetic amorphous ribbons attract a considerable attention for their applications as high-performance sensing elements in different giant magnetoimpedance (GMI)-based magnetic sensors to measure magnetic field, current, and stress with high sensitivity and better signal to noise ratio than magnetic sensors based in other effects. GMI is mainly determined by the ribbon transverse permeability and this parameter can be suitable enhanced by inducing a magnetic anisotropy by different thermal treatments in amorphous ribbons. In this chapter we report studies on the analysis of GMI response of near-zero magnetostriction Co-based amorphous ribbons exhibiting a macroscopic uniaxial magnetic anisotropy induced by two kinds of thermal treatment, namely: by current annealing (440–680 mA during 5 min) and by stress-annealing treatment (300 MPa applied tensile stress at different temperature, i.e., 340, 360, and 400 °C, during 1 h) in the frequency range from 100 MHz up to 3500 MHz. Comparison among GMI effect of stress-annealed and current-annealed ribbons is discussed.


Amorphous ribbons Soft magnetic properties Giant magnetoimpedance effect Stress annealing Current annealing 



This work was financially supported by the Spanish MINECO Ref. MAT2013-47231-C2-1-P, Ref. MAT2013-47231-C2-2-P, and Ref. MAT2013-48054-C2-2-R, Asturias Government Ref. FC-15-GRUPIN14-085, Basque Government under Saiotek 13 PROMAGMI (SPE13UN014), and DURADMAG (S-PE13UN007). Technical and human support provided by SGIker (UPV/EHU, MICINN, GV/EJ, ERDF, and ESF) is gratefully acknowledged.


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