Canada and Public Diplomacy: The Road to Reputational Security

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The chapter serves as an introduction to the book and to field of public diplomacy studies. It defines the term public diplomacy and the five practices that have been central to its operation historically: listening, advocacy, cultural diplomacy, exchange diplomacy, and international broadcasting. It also considers the key international relations approach to the subject—soft power—and emerging concepts like Civic Diplomacy. Each of these themes and approaches is linked to the contributions presented in the book. The chapter concludes with a survey of some of the emerging ideas in public diplomacy and relates them to the country’s current performance, noting its recent strength in indices of nation brand strength and the opportunity to work with such actors as museums, indigenous groups, and diasporas. The bottom line is that reputation is part of twenty-first-century security and for all Canada’s advantages it has to work to ensure success in this field.


Public diplomacy Canada Soft power Nation brand Reputational security 

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