The Chip-Ejection Interference and Compromise in Non-free Cutting

  • Hanmin ShiEmail author
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Based on the principle of minimum energy dissipation in metal cutting process this chapter has studied the basic characteristics of non-free cutting, probed into the phenomena of chip-ejection interference and chip-ejection compromise widely existing in modern machining processes. A non-linear synthetic method of elementary cutting tools is proposed for establishing the cutting models of complex tools. The general equation governing chip-ejection motion is deduced and its solutions are studied. On the basis of the general equation some examples of non-free cutting are analyzed and the theoretically analyzing and predicting results are verified by experimental data and facts. The sufficient and necessary condition of eliminating chip-ejection interference and realizing free cutting is explored, the basic ideal and the technique route of “Free Cutting Method” are discussed. The research has provided a feasible way for improving and optimizing modern cutting tools.

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