Nano-spectroscopy of Individual Carbon Nanotubes and Isolated Graphene Sheets

  • Alain JungenEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Surface Sciences book series (SSSUR, volume 66)


The following chapter will review the resonant Raman active modes of single-walled carbon nanotubes emphasizing the diameter-dependence of the radial breathing mode and selectivity of the optical transition energies (resonance). Thermal studies of individual freestanding single-walled carbon nanotubes showed a pronounced phonon softening. The second part of the chapter is devoted to Raman imaging of graphene. This particular type of carbon nanophase has become available only recently. The first Raman signatures of few-layer to single-layer graphene flakes could be obtained and compared with scanning probe microscopy. The effect of electrical charging (doping) on the Raman features is also demonstrated.



The author wishes to thank in particular Dr. Christoph Stampfer and Prof. Christofer Hierold. Many of the results summarized in the present chapter have been achieved with the support and collaboration of numerous people. They are (in alphabetic order) Lukas Durer, Prof. Klaus Ensslin, Dr. Davy Graf, Thomas Helbling, Dr. Stephan Hofmann, Francoise Molitor, Matthias Muoth, Dr. Jannik Meyer, Simone Pisana, Prof. Valentin Popov, Dr. Stephan Stoll and Dr. Ludger Wirtz. Samples featuring individual nanotubes have been provided in collaboration with Nicronex Ltd., Luxembourg (


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