Nanotribological Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials: Study of Diamond Coatings and Graphite

  • M. Schmitt
  • S. Bistac
Part of the NanoScience and Technology book series (NANO)


Because of the development of nanotechnologies, it becomes essential to fully understand the properties of the materials used in these specific conditions, more particularly those of carbonaceous films. The mechanisms involved in the nanofriction of these coatings must be thoroughly studied; atomic force microscopy (AFM) seems to be a suitable technique to achieve this objective.

In this work, an inventory is first drawn up concerning the role of both experimental and intrinsic properties on the nanotribological behaviour of various carbonaceous films. Then results obtained with AFM in contact mode on diamond coatings and graphite powders are presented: the effects of the scanning velocity, contact load and superficial chemistry on friction are more particularly studied.


Diamond Graphite Superficial chemistry Nanofriction 


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  • S. Bistac

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