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This monograph covers the literature and patents relevant to a specific type of liquid and a specific method of atomization. The liquids are dielectrics; poor electrical conductors, typically vegetable oils such as corn, soy and rapeseed, or petroleum products, such as petrol/gas, aviation fuel and Diesel oils. The liquids need not be ‘doped’ to enhance their electrical conductivity. The ‘charge injection’ atomizer injects electric charge into the poorly conducting liquid and the liquid atomization, spray dispersion and combustion are significantly influenced by the presence of the injected electric charge. The monograph initially covers electrohydrodynamic basics, fundamental studies of charge injection into quiescent liquid, and the design and operation of the atomizer itself. The review then continues by surveying studies of the primary atomization process, spray characterization, and effect on combustion before finally discussing measurements of the radial distribution of spray charge and modeling of the drop diameter and charge probability distribution. The review concludes that whilst some fundamental understanding still requires more research, sufficient knowledge exists to design and operate practical devices.


Charge Injection Fluid Continuum Aviation Fuel Liquid Atomization Spray Combustion 
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