Electrostatics, Electrohydrodynamic Flow, Coupling and Instability

  • John Shrimpton
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Electrostatics is a term used to describe the physics of charge in motion and at rest in the absence of significant magnetic field effects and can be used to refer to any type of phase where this is the case [13]. Electrohydrodynamics (EHD) is a more specialized term that is generally used to refer to the role of electrostatics in liquid media. A good introduction to electrostatics can be found in texts such as Crowley [13] and Chang et al. [10] with a more EHD orientated approach taken in Melcher [14] and specific to dielectrics, Castellanos [15]. Much of what follows in this chapter can be found in these references, but for the benefit of those new to the subject is repeated here in a more concise form to enable a better understanding of the literature discussed in chapters 3 onwards. A discussion of instability due to EHD interactions is included, since the internal flow within charge injection atomizers is generally within this regime.


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