Polarography and Tensammetry

  • B. Breyer
Part of the Modern Methods of Plant Analysis / Moderne Methoden der Pflanzenanalyse book series (PFLANZENANAL., volume 5)


It is the object of this article to acquaint the reader with the practice of Polarographic analysis; it deals with an indispensable minimum only of theoretical information and its main aim is to enable those interested in its use, to carry out the procedure with a minimum of expense and disappointment. In keeping with this aim, the main stress lies on such matters as the construction and maintenance of simple, but completely adequate polarographs, the preparation and treatment of analytical samples, the taking of polarograms and their interpretations, common faults etc., whilst no attempt has been made to discuss the Polarographic analysis of single elements or compounds. A number of monographs on the subject have been published which, together with the regularly published lists of Polarographic papers, make it easy to find the detailed procedure to be followed in the analysis of a given substance or group of substances. These monographs and bibliographies are listed at the beginning of the references (page 492).


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