Dynamics of Potentials in the Visual and Auditory Pathway, Hippocampus, and Reticular Formation of the Cat Brain

  • Erol Başar
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In all chapters of Part I the amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFCs) and filtered EPs will again play a major role in establishing a framework for the understanding of brain dynamics in cortical and subcortical structures. As it was argued in Chaps. 4 and 18 of Vol. I, the analysis of frequency characteristics gives global, important information concerning the real EP frequency components. The filtered responses open better windows to localizing the response at the time axis, and the response amplitudes can be described more exactly in comparison with AFCs. In using either of these methods, statements concerning minor peaking have to be avoided.


Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Visual Stimulation Coherence Function Phase Spectrum Auditory Pathway 
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