An Integrative Neurophysiology Based on Brain Oscillations

  • Erol Başar
  • Sirel Karakaş
Part of the Springer Series in Synergetics book series (SSSYN)


An integrative neurophysiology should describe activity of brains of different species and their manifold functions from a global viewpoint. Further, it must rely on extensive experimental work: The EEG oscillations permit the analysis of sensory and cognitive functions together - both in freely behaving animals and in the thinking and feeling human brain. Processing of sensation and cognitive functions are interwoven; the type of approach utilized in the present book and its companion volume makes the analysis of integrative brain functions feasible. An integrative neurophysiology must embrace both physiological and cognitive functions. The bridging of both types of functions is possible only by common approaches. Brain oscillations seem to be basic events for establishing such an integrative discipline. Since the natural frequencies of the CNS are manifested in EEG oscillations, such an approach is probably one of the most fruitful or promising approaches to creating an integrative neuroscience in the future.


Frequency Channel Functional Interpretation Brain Oscillation General Transfer Function Extensive Experimental Work 
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  • Sirel Karakaş

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