Strategic Alliances in the New Communication Environment

  • Antonio Pilati
  • Giuseppe Richeri
Part of the European Communication Council (ECC): Report 1997 book series (EUROCOMM)


The large number of mergers, acquisitions, intercompany investments, joint ventures and, in general, strategic alliances which, for some time now, have characterised the world of multimedia communications, is typical of phases of radical change. With the utilisation of digital technologies, new distribution channels, new methods of marketing and new forms of consumption, involving both products and communication services (both traditional and new), are being created. It would therefore appear that this is the right moment to start the long-term expansion cycle of a sector until recently dominated by unscrambled television, Those wishing to participate in the conquest of new markets must however not only avail themselves of considerable resources and specific know-how but also be capable of facing considerable risks and uncertainties. Hence the move towards strategic alliances. Our aim is to underline what is happening in the European context. We will do this by taking some of the most important alliances as an example.


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  • Antonio Pilati
  • Giuseppe Richeri
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  1. 1.University of BolognaItaly
  2. 2.University of LuganoSwitzerland

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