The Road Ahead…

  • Axel Zerdick
Part of the European Communication Council (ECC): Report 1997 book series (EUROCOMM)


All developments in television and in interactive services have to be funded one way or the other — investment in infrastructure, content production and distribution will have to be decided on by commercial or public institutions, and in the end it is the individual in his or her role either as consumer and/or that of taxpayer who has to foot the bill(s). Compared to our present situation, the new communication environment will allow both a substantial increase in total investment (and spending) on communication (hardware and services) and a new distribution of cost between different consumers and within society as a whole. To discuss potential sources of funding, consider the varying effects of cost distribution on development in general and for specific segments of industries and of society, and to decide on funding mechanisms will be at the core of communication development in the public, corporate and individual spheres.


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