Policy Implications of Economic and Cultural Value Chains

  • Richard Paterson
Part of the European Communication Council (ECC): Report 1997 book series (EUROCOMM)


As the age of digital reproduction emerges a new analytical framework is needed to understand the commercial and cultural changes which are underway. Digitisation of information and its availability through telecommunications networks brings with it as yet unknown and unforeseen consequences. Opportunities for innovative economic activity will emerge alongside new cultural values. It may become an age of empowerment in which access to information and the ability to create knowledge develops new levels of creativity. Enhanced cultural value may match the additional economic value deriving from new services provided in the information society. However, it is equally possible that the divide between the information rich and information poor will become unsustainable. It is of concern to all that a society of knowledge, properly regulated, should be established which offers new entrepreneurial and employment opportunities across a range of industries by acting as a driver of new economic activity. Economic activity is becoming ever more dependent on the knowledge and the skills of the workforce. However, an examination of where economic value will be added needs to take account of the cultural, social and political consequences of these changes. It is necessary to consider whether the virtual dimension of the new digital information world will have an impact on the understandings, identities and characteristics of individuals in society as well as offering better marketing tools for companies to utilise.


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