Collective Properties of Neural Networks

  • P. Peretto
  • J. J. Niez
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 20)


A neural network is basically made of interconnected threshold automata i. (i=1,…., N) collecting the signals Sj produced by a set of upstream units j and delivering an output signal Si to a set of downstream units k. The evolution of the dynamic variables is driven by the following equations:
$$ {S_i}(t) = F({V_i}(\{ {S_i}(t - {\Delta_{{ij}}})\} - {e_i}) $$
where F is a sigmoïd function, Vi the membrane potential of i, Δij the transmission delay between the units j and i and ei the threshold of i.


Metastable State Dynamic Variable Instantaneous Frequency Noise Parameter Neural Dynamic 
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  • J. J. Niez
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