Passivation by Laser Annealing and Melting

  • Ian W. Boyd
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 3)


Whilst Chap.4 deals with controlled passivation of surfaces in the solid phase, Chap.5 summarises the more extreme processing conditions that have been applied to the formation of oxides and nitrides. Two main regimes are described here. The first, laser annealing, involves oxygen or nitrogen implantation into the semiconductor, followed by laser induced melting and epitaxial regrowth of the disordered layer. An alternative method employs similar high intensity laser radiation to melt a thin layer of amorphous (or crystalline) material in the presence of e.g. oxygen. These novel non-equilibrium processing techniques have enabled film growth rates of more than mm/s to be achieved. This chapter also describes how surface cleaning can be performed by applying a succession of high intensity laser pulses to the material held in high vacuum.


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