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After all this discussion I am wondering about the audience. I think it would help, if someone would make some suggestions about how one persuades these investigators, when they talk about the same things, to use the same words. I think this would help the audience. If I was sitting in the audience right now, I would applaud that suggestion! It is hard enough to follow some of the very involved experiments that have been described today, without having to figure out that SP2 means E46 and T and neoantigen something else. We do need a glossary of terms; we also need a lexicon of defined words that describe what we are talking about. I believe that the geneticists have arrived at some sort of agreement on this point; I think the cancer biologists with their new antigens might also get together and decide to agree on common terms. I have proposed a lexicon for the T-antigens and the antigens found in hamster tumors (Table I).


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