Empirical Algorithms

  • Giovanni Gallavotti
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Imagine an incompressible Euler fluid in a fixed volume Ω with a (C)-regular boundary. The equations describing it are
$$\begin{gathered} (1)\underline \partial \cdot \underline u = 0\Omega in \hfill \\ (2){\underline \partial _t}\underline u + u \cdot \partial u = - {\partial ^{ - 1}}\rho - g\Omega in \hfill \\ (3)\underline u \cdot \underline n = 0\Omega in \hfill \\ (4)\underline u \left( {\xi ,0} \right) \equiv {\underline u _0}\left( {\xi ,0} \right),t = 0 \hfill \\ \end{gathered} $$
where n denotes the external normal to ∂Ω and the boundary condition (3) expresses the condition that the fluid “glides” (without friction) on the boundary of Ω.


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