The Importance of Local Information: Quality of Life Indicators in Bristol

  • Samantha Shepherd
  • Sarah McMahon
Part of the Community Quality-of Life Indicators book series (CQLI, volume 2)


In the south west of England, Bristol has one of the longest standing Quality of Life (QoL) indicator initiatives in the country. This chapter presents a case study of Bristol City Council and demonstrates how important local-level information has been in enabling QoL indicators to become highly effective tools for improving local quality of life. The chapter begins by illustrating Bristol’s journey from early exploration of livability indicators in the early 1990s, to a nationally recognised authority on QoL indicators. In doing so it shows how local information has been instrumental in facilitating the use of QoL indicators for improving decision making, collaboration and quality of life for local communities.


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  • Samantha Shepherd
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  • Sarah McMahon
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  1. 1.Geography and Environmental ManagementUniversity of the West of EnglandEngland
  2. 2.Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for health and wellbeing in BristolUK

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