Multi-Gate Related Design Aspects

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The introduction of multi-gate MOSFETs (MuGFETs) as successor of planar bulk devices represents fundamental changes in device structure. Chapter 4 analyzes the consequences on circuit level. The feasibility of important analog, mixed-signal and RF building blocks in an emerging multi-gate technology is proven by measurements; the performance is benchmarked against planar bulk. For the first time complex mixed-signal building blocks such as D/A converter and PLL are realized with multi-gate devices. Multi-gate device specific design aspects are pointed out. Benefits on circuit level resulting from advantageous multi-gate device properties are explored analytically and experimentally: improved robustness and gain is demonstrated for current references and operational amplifiers. A significant reduction of circuit area is achieved for a 10 bit D/A converter. The use of gated p-i-n diodes in bandgap reference circuits is evaluated; a corresponding model covering temperature dependence is derived. Low-voltage bandgap references show competitive performance. Measured VCO and LNA characteristics indicate no road blocks for RF applications in the low GHz domain. Promising noise and jitter performance is demonstrated in a charge-pump PLL. Further multi-gate related design aspects like self-heating and selective tuning of fin width are outlined.


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