Mass Selection for Improved Milling Performance

  • E. Souza
  • M. E. Sorrells
Part of the World Crops: Production, Utilization, Description book series (WCPU, volume 12)


Milling yield is one of the most important quality characteristics for millers of oats; it is defined as the weight of oats required to produce 100 lbs of milled groats. Milling percentage can be described as the groat percentage of the fraction of a seed left after discarding slim, pin and double or bosom oats(l). Seed characteristics of oats have been studied extensively. The conclusion of several studies is that groat percentage is one of the most important factors determining milling yield and is more tightly correlated to milling yield than other traditionally used traits such as test weight(l,2). Groat percentage is a quantitatively inherited trait. Wesenberg and Shands determined that the trait had a broad sense heritability ranging from 36% to 93%(2). Stuthman and Granger obtained a similar range of heritabi1ities in their later paper and were able to realise a gain from selection by selecting for groat percentage among F4 headrows(3). Groat percentage, however, is a time consuming trait to measure as it requires dehulling and cleaning samples.


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  • M. E. Sorrells
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