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In this monograph we have investigated in a systematic way the quantum statistical properties of optical fields, with particular attention to nonlinear optical phenomena, using the coherent-state technique. Chapters 2–4 are based on the material of the previous monograph on Coherence of Light by this author [Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, London (1972)] in order to have this monograph self-contained. These chapters provide thorough information on the Fock and the coherent-state descriptions of radiation and on quantum correlation theory, which are necessary for any quantum statistical treatment. Applications of the general coherent-state methods to particular kinds of fields important in practice, such as chaotic fields, laser fields and their superposition, appropriate to optical communication, are made in Chapter 5. The other chapters of the book deal mostly with nonlinear phenomena, reviewed in a traditional way in Chapter 6. The use of the coherent-state technique for the description of optical fields interacting with matter is outlined, in the framework of the Heisenberg and Schrödinger pictures, in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 is devoted to the development of the quantum dynamical theory of the statistical properties of radiation in random media, including self-radiation. Using the generalized Fokker — Planck equation and the Heisenberg — Langevin equations together with the quantum characteristic functions, the most important nonlinear optical phenomena, such as optical parametric processes, scattering, multiphoton absorption and emission, etc., are investigated in Chapter 9. Particular attention is devoted to anticorrelation and antibunching effects and to sub-Poissonian behaviour in optical fields having no classical analogues.


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