Hegel and Peirce

  • Max H. Fisch


An essay on Hegel and Peirce might compare their philosophies without raising the question of influence; or it might inquire what influence, if any, Hegel exerted on Peirce, without carrying comparison beyond the points of discernible influence; or it might assess Peirce’s accuracy, fairness and penetration as an interpreter and critic of Hegel; or it might simply assemble some of the biographical information that one would wish to have in hand before attempting any of those more philosophical tasks. That is, it might report what Peirce had to say of Hegel from time to time in the course of his own philosophical development — what Hegelian enterprises he thought of himself as resuming and continuing, what elements or features of Hegel’s philosophy he esteemed or disesteemed as he understood them, and what elements or features of his own philosophy he viewed as roughly equivalent to or corrective of them. It is an essay of this last and most modest kind that I offer here, because that is as far as I have got.


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