The center manifold technique and complex dynamics of parabolic equations

  • Krzysztof P. Rybakowski
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 472)


Consider the following scalar parabolic equation
with Dirichlet boundary condition
or Neumann boundary condition
Here Ω ⊂ ℝ N is a smooth bounded domain (most frequently just the open unit ball), L is a second order selfadjoint uniformly elliptic differential operator with smooth coefficients (most often Lu = Δu + a(x)u where a is a smooth function on ) and v is the outer normal to the boundary ∂Ω of Ω. Finally,
$$ f:\left( {x,s,w} \right) \in \bar \Omega \times \mathbb{R} \times \mathbb{R}^N \mapsto f\left( {x,s,w} \right) \in \mathbb{R} $$
is some nonlinearity.

In these lectures we describe some recent realization results for vector fields or jets of vector fields on invariant manifolds of Eq. (1)–(2) and (1)–(3) and give an example of Eq. (1)–(2) with gradient independent nonlinearity and admitting a nonconvergent bounded trajectory. Some necessary mathematical background (center manifold theorem, Nash-Moser inverse mapping theorem) is also provided.


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